Alteo acquired a controlling interest in Transmara in August 2015

The business operates a factory in Kenya’s Transmara region and has a sales office in Nairobi. Ideally located in the upper lands of Western Kenya, Transmara Sugar Company Limited (TSC) lies almost on the Equator and benefits from high and reliable rainfall throughout the year. The region lies at an altitude ranging between 1,800 to 2,200 meters above sea level and has amongst the most fertile soils in Kenya.





Cane Milling

Our Kenyan milling operation sources 100% of the sugarcane it crushes from 18,250 outgrowers located within a 30km radius of the factory. The outgrowers plant cane over 16,150 hectares of rich agricultural land every year. Our mill has a crushing capacity of 180 tonnes of sugar cane per hour, or up to 4000 tonnes per day. It also markets sugar by-products including molasses and bagasse briquettes, which are used locally as fuel.

Planters’ Services

Over the years, we’ve worked with local planters to help them improve their fertilisation and crop yields. We also help them harvest and transport their crop from field to factory. Our dedicated support team has several local offices throughout the region and works closely with the outgrower community. Transmara continues to invest in the region’s infrastructure and maintains its roads. Through its CSR programme, Transmara helps improve local residents’ access to water, healthcare and education.

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