Alteo has owned and operated the Union Flacq Factory since 1912.

The Union Flacq industrial facility consists of three separate businesses: Alteo Agri Ltd, Alteo Milling Ltd. Most of the sugar we produce is exported.





Cane Planting and Harvesting

The business owns 15,300 hectares of prime agricultural land in eastern Mauritius, of which 11,000 hectares are planted with sugarcane.

Cane Milling

Once it is harvested, our cane is sent to Alteo Milling for processing. Our mill sources sugarcane from Alteo’s fields, from other large planters and from smallholders. Our mill operates seven months of the year, processing an average of 1.5 million tonnes of sugarcane to yield 150,000 tonnes of raw sugar. Of this output, more than 60,000 tonnes are premium raw or “special” sugars – such as Demerara and Muscovado. Today, Alteo Milling is the only sugarcane mill still operating in eastern Mauritius.

Sugar Refining

Alteo Refinery Ltd refines plantation white sugar into direct consumption white sugar. The refinery has a capacity of 170,000 tonnes per annum and produces two types of grade sugars: EEC grade II and bottler’s grade sugars.

Our refinery has a food safety management system in place and is certified to BRC ver.8 with FSMA preventative control preparedness module, ISO 14001:2015, ISO17025:2017, Halal & Kosher. Facility is also an approved supplier of Coca-Cola, Nestle, has undergone VIVE sustainability program for sugar and is compliant to SMETA 6.0 April 2017 - 4 pillars for ethical business. The refinery operates year-round and sources raw sugar from Alteo's factory, other Mauritian millers and in some cases from outside of Mauritius.


hectares of land under sugarcane cultivation


tonnes of cane crushed everyday


tonnes of refined sugar produced in 2019


tonnes of special sugars produced every year

Christian Marot
Arnaud d’Unienville
COO - Agricultural Activities
Christian Marot
Sebastien Lavoipierre
COO - Industrial Activities

Alteo Agri Ltd

Union Flacq 41903, Mauritius

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