A leader in the African sugar industry

Alteo produces and refines sugar for a variety of markets. We are the largest sugar producer in Mauritius and have substantial sugar operations in Kenya and Tanzania.


hectares of land under cane cultivation across the African continent


tonnes of raw sugar*


tonnes of refined sugar*


tonnes of special sugar*

* produced by our factories in 2021

How We Work

Alteo takes an innovative approach to manufacturing sugar, investing heavily in mechanisation and in improving the efficiency of our cane growing, harvesting, milling and refining activities. Our aim is to increase our production of raw and refined sugars while improving our processes and developing innovative new products.

  • We’re increasingly moving into the production and distribution of higher-value specialty sugars, such as Demerara and Muscovado.
  • We also create value from sugarcane by-products by producing energy from biomass such as bagasse and cane trash. This energy powers our factories and is exported to the national grids.
  • We invest in sugar growth markets, particularly in East Africa.

Sugar Operations


Our Mauritian sugar operations consist of growing and milling. Most of the sugar we produce is exported.



Alteo’s Kenyan sugar business produces and mills sugar for the Kenyan market. It also sells by-products such as sugar molasses and bagasse briquettes, which are used as fuel.



TPC grows sugarcane and produces raw sugar for sale to the Tanzanian market. It also generates value from sugar by-products in the form of electricity and molasses.


Our Other Activities