At Alteo, we’re aware that it’s the talent and commitment of our people that allows us to deliver on our strategy and build our business in the long term.

We aim to attract and retain employees who share our values, while providing them with training and development opportunities and ensuring their work environment is safe and healthy.

Employee Training & Development

  • Creating a supportive and encouraging work environment in which our staff can innovate and grow
  • Offering them opportunities for personal development, including business coaching and leadership development workshops
  • Creating an Accelerated Leadership Programme to create a pool of future Alteo managers who are ready to take on new challenges
  • Offering our staff ongoing training, including “bite-sized” training via an e-learning platform

Employee Engagement & Retention

Alteo is committed to engaging with and motivating our employees by recognising the contributions of individuals and teams, and actively seeking feedback and ideas from them. Alteo seeks to retain its talent by:

  • Creating clear career paths within Alteo
  • Putting robust succession plans into place
  • Offering our employees more flexible forms of working
  • Evaluating and rewarding performance based on objectives and behaviours, grounded in a performance management system
  • Creating a recognition scheme linked to the Group’s values

Health, Safety & Wellness

Alteo is deeply committed to providing its staff with a healthy, safe and secure working environment. Our ambition is to become an employer of choice, recognised by prospective employees and within the industry for our unfailing drive to improve health and safety. We constantly seek to improve our safety and health procedures and keep them up to date with applicable regulations. We regularly conduct Occupational Safety & Health Training and awareness sessions to empower personnel and reduce the risk of incidents.