Alteo Energy Ltd (AEL) operates a bagasse and coal power plant at Union Flacq in Mauritius.

The company supplies steam and electricity to Alteo’s sugar mill and refinery and exports an average of 170 GWh to the national grid every year.





It generates more than half of its production from bagasse, a sugar cane by-product that is a renewable source of energy.

AEL is currently developing a project for a more efficient power plant to replace its existing facility and produce more green energy for the Mauritian grid. This new power plant would contribute to the national goal of supplying 40% of the local electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030.

41 MW


170 GWh

Exported annually to the national grid

Christian Marot
Sebastien Lavoipierre
COO - Industrial Activities

Alteo Energy Ltd

Union Flacq 41903, Mauritius

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