Supplying renewable energy to the region

We produce electricity from renewables and coal. This energy powers our factories and is exported to the national grids. We own and operate three power plants in Mauritius and Tanzania and export an average of 340 GWh to the grid every year. We are also planning to develop a more efficient power plant in Mauritius to replace its existing facility and produce more green energy for the Mauritian grid.


GWh to the grid in Mauritius and Tanzania in 2021


power plants in Mauritius and Tanzania


solar energy farm in Mauritius

How We Work

We are cogeneration pioneers in Mauritius. Alteo’s Energy cluster grew out of our use of bagasse, a by-product of our cane-crushing operations, to power Alteo’s sugar milling and refining activities.

  • Our Energy cluster is increasingly specialising in renewable energy and replacing fossil fuels such as coal with cane trash and bagasse.
  • We are investing in more efficient, technologically-advanced power plants to optimise how we produce energy and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We are also exploring wind and solar power projects in each of the countries that we operate in.

Energy Operations


Alteo Energy Ltd (AEL) operates a bagasse and coal power plant at Union Flacq in Mauritius. The company supplies steam and electricity to Alteo’s sugar mill and refinery, and exports an average of 170 GWh to the national grid every year.



Helios operates a solar energy farm in Beau Champ, Mauritius. It is able to generate 16 GWh per year, all of which is exported to the Mauritian grid.


TPC Tanzania

Alteo’s sugar operation in the Moshi region of Tanzania operates a power plant that supplies steam and electricity to its factory and irrigation network.


Our Other Activities