Alteo contributed a total amount of MUR 4 million this year to Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard and GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse as well as MUR 2 million to CSR initiatives for the communities surrounding Alteo’s industrial site in Mauritius. 

CSR initiatives launched by Alteo include support to community projects in the field of education as well as projects for needy children through APEIM of Bonne Mère, Ecole des handicapés de Laventure, Maison Familiale Rurale de l’Est, EWADEastern Welfare Association for Disabled, College St. Monfort and College St Gabriel.


Alteo also regularly offers opportunities for industrial placements to students of the University of Mauritius and to students from other training institutions such as MITD.


Alteo promotes sports development in the region around its industrial site through regular assistance to Faucon Flacq Sporting Club. Several young people who trained with the club are now performing at national and international level. Some of them even represented Mauritius in the Jeux d’Afrique and the Commonwealth Games.

GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse

Alteo’s CSR contribution to GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse (FJL) as at June 30, 2014 amounted to MUR 2M and was spent on projects in line with the objectives set by GML FJL's Management Board. These were:


  • Education;
  • Healthcare;
  • Community Development; and
  • Environment



GML FJL’s main focus is education. GML FJL is determined to promote education at all levels through its 13 dedicated centres around Mauritius. Its aim is to target the most vulnerable children and to start from early childhood. The education of adolescents is carried out through specialised ANFEN (Adolescent Non Formal Education Network) schools for students who have repeatedly failed at CPE level. At the tertiary level, GML FJL has extended its support to Rodrigues.


Among the 24 students who received scholarships from GML FJL, 13 of them were from Rodrigues and are now studying at the University of Mauritius. In addition to the stipend paid monthly to all students, the students from Rodrigues also receive an accommodation allowance and a return ticket to spend Christmas with their parents in Rodrigues. GML FJL also supports adult literacy.


Health Care

GML FLJ is resolute in helping poor persons to have better access to medical treatment. Its actions were however somewhat limited due to some of the restrictive criteria of the CSR “guidelines”.

Community Development

Since its inception, GML FJL has established a programme of integrated community development in the neighbourhood of Chemin Rail, a small village located in Rivière du Rempart. A team of coordinators, social workers, educators and volunteers are working for, and are supporting, a group of twenty poor families. While aiming to restore their dignity, GML FJL has received the support of Alteo which has contributed to this community development programme. The GML FJL staff has been working with these inhabitants for nearly 9 years and are working on an important social housing project for them, which will be realised in 2015.



The focus of GML FJL on education also has an environmental aspect. “GML Think Green” has undertaken several projects this year tackling priorities such as waste management and awareness through the ‘Ensam A Nou Recycler Plastik’ campaign and ‘Les Ateliers GML THINK GREEN’ art and a marine protection campaign. The specialised ANFEN school, Oasis de Paix, has been supported for its permaculture project, encouraging students to respect the environment while benefiting from it.


GML FJL also renewed its engagement to Mission Verte for the awareness school sessions and the sorted waste collect around the island. Furthermore, in partnership with Winner’s, GML FJL placed 5 new plastic bins to encourage citizens to separate their waste.


Environmental education continued at Chemin Rail with various activities organised throughout the year and projects such as Chemin Rail Fleurie 2014 which encouraged inhabitants to take care of their environment and enhance it.

Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard

During the year under review, Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard (FCNR) kept the focus on its main activities, inter alia:


  • Research of financial and technical partners to support FCNR projects;
  • Developing synergies with the local NGOs, in line with the latter’s realities and competencies;
  • Financing of working capitals;
  • Regular follow-up of projects;
  • Renewal of FCNR’s commitments to existing and running projects.


For the year 2013/2014, the amount of CSR taxes received by FCNR exceeded MUR 5M, out of which MUR 2M were contributed by Alteo. This amount was used by FCNR as follows:


  • 82% towards the fight against poverty, disability, education and health
  • 7% towards the environment
  • 11% for the project


FCNR’s actions have been directly beneficial to 1,200 persons and indirectly to 2,600 persons. Fight against Poverty and Social Integration


The fight against poverty is of paramount importance to FCNR. In line with its sustained interest in the project La Caze Lespwar, it contributed to the working capital of this project. FCNR also helped in the reintegration of former women detainees through Kinouété and funded the salary of ICJM’s psychologist at the counselling room at Bambou Virieux. 


FCNR funded the running costs of Autisme Maurice, in Beau Bassin and Mille Soleil, a school for disabled children. It also funded part of the working capital of the Society for the Welfare of the Deaf.



Promoting education is another valued cause for FCNR. It has thus contributed towards the funding of a school program, Les Amis de Zippy, in two schools for a period of one year. In respect of the ANFEN school network, FCNR helped in various ways namely through the funding of an Arts & Craft class animation project for Atelier Joie de Vivre for a period of one year, as well as the salaries of Teen Hope staff. It also funded part of the social workers’ salaries working at the ANFEN schools. Other contributions included the funding of three academic scholarships to the Fondation Cours Jeanne d’Arc specialized school, participation in a music school, Vent d’un Rêve, and finally, providing academic support to Solidarité Maman.


Health Care

Also resolute to help poor people to have better health care, FCNR participated in the funding of the therapeutic education programme T1Diams intended for people with type 1 diabetes, among others.



FCNR participated in the working capital of La Vallée de Ferney.

Anahita Centre for Excellence

Background information

Anahita Centre for Excellence (ACE) was established in 2006 by Alteo Properties, promoter of Anahita Mauritius IRS project. It is a centre for training and development. ACE reflects the vision and the engagement of Alteo Properties to have a positive impact on the communities adjacent to Anahita Mauritius, by investing in time, expertise and resources. Anahita Estates Ltd and Anahita IRS Forty, are also committed to sustainable development through ACE and have engaged in various contributory activities.


Areas of intervention identified by Anahita IRS Scheme through social study are:


  • Training & Employment;
  • Sports & Leisure;
  • Education & Child Welfare;
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Users; and
  • Environment Protection 

Our commitment

ACE operates with dynamism, conviction and with a sense of responsibility to create opportunities, improve the quality of life of inhabitants and foster good will in the cluster regions around Anahita Mauritius. ACE adopts a sustainable development approach that is rooted in human, social and economic development. It determines and provides the socio-economic requirements of the local community and ways to enhance the life of the local people. ACE intervenes at several levels to support in the integration and development of the inhabitants. Such engagements can be in the form of initiating short term, mid term or long term projects and/or financing of activities and projects organised by governmental, non governmental and local associations within the parameters of Anahita Mauritius. Today, ACE is working closely with motivated partners such as the Force Vives and Village Councils of regions surrounding Anahita, governmental organisations and NGOs in order to define the best strategies to contribute to the social integration and economic empowerment of local people and to also manage sustainably the environment.