To be a sustainable regional leader in the sugarcane industry, renewable energy and property.

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To responsibly create value through people development, strategic partnerships, innovative thinking, market focus and operational excellence.


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Being considerate of each other's feelings and views are the secret to our broader scope of thinking. Endorsing this understanding of different viewpoints widens our range of solutions and expands our possibilities for overall value creation. 


Lasting integrity and long-term success come together and to those who uphold and strive for a culture of truth, honesty, fairness and justice. Living by these values at all times, in everything we say or do, is the foundation that transforms our group into a solid entity.

Spirit of Entrepreneuship

The spirit of entrepreneurship triggers the ability to conceive ideas with a fresh outlook and generate bold and brilliant projects that will enhance development. Herein lies the opportunity to explore new paths - even if uncertain; the willingness to stand up to failures and still keep the determination alive.


Excellence is skill and attitude. We strive to push further relentlessly. Staying ahead, we perform beyond benchmarks. We aspire to reach for uncompromising quality. This is our drive!


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