Alteo Milling Limited

In line with the Mauritian government’s policy and following the closure of the DRBC sugar factory in early 2014, Alteo Milling is today the last remaining sugar milling operation in the east of the island.


Alteo Milling is ideally situated at Union Flacq to minimise cane transport costs and has the capacity to process 1.5 million tonnes of cane coming from its factory area and DRBC's factory area resulting in a sugar production of 150,000 tonnes.


In order to be able to absorb the additional cane tonnage coming from DRBC's factory area, Alteo Milling has recently embarked on a significant investment plan with an emphasis on:


  • Front end capacity expansion;
  • Milling technology to achieve higher calorific value bagasse for energy production;
  • Process steam savings resulting in optimum internal thermal consumption;
  • Further process automation with a view to reducing costs and improving sugar recoveries; and
  • An integrated approach to environmental issues.

In parallel, the new operation will capitalise and expand on its already significant special sugar expertise, in order to achieve its goals of being a world leader in the production and distribution of specialty direct consumption sugars including higher value Demerara and Moscovado type sugars.


The combined effect of a much larger production base, more efficient operations and higher value end products will ensure a financially robust sugar milling activity in the years to come.


Alteo Limited - Head Office

Vivéa Business Park, St Pierre, 81430, Mauritius