Alteo Agri

Alteo Agri manages some 11,400 hectares of sugar cane cultivation in Mauritius. The combined experience and expertise of DRBC and FUEL agricultural teams has enabled a rapid implementation of better adapted technology and cultural practices while achieving significant efficiency gains through cost streamlining and improved productivity.


In addition to cost reductions and allocation on a much larger production base, the optimisation of agricultural and transport equipment, the increased mechanisation of agricultural activities and more efficient irrigation methods will ultimately lead to a lower cost of production for Alteo, strengthening its competitiveness.


Moreover, the introduction of appropriate technologies on a larger scale is justified. These technologies include a GPS guidance system combined with a Geographical Information System. Such developments will greatly improve decision making, generate operational efficiencies and optimise yields.


Alteo Limited - Head Office

Vivéa Business Park, St Pierre, 81430, Mauritius